Cat Approval Forum [IMPORTANT]

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Cat Approval Forum [IMPORTANT]

Post by XoraMoon on Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:22 pm

This is the Cat Approval Forum or CAF. If an unknown cat is in your clan check the clan list to see if they are in it. If not tell them to make a cat on the CAF forum. Here is the template! You can have up to 3 cats!

Name of Cat:
Gender: (Tom or She-Cat)
Clan: (Loners,Rogues,and Kittypets coming soon!!)
Rank: (Leader,Deputy,and Med Cat are not allowed. Med App is OK as long as the clan has none.)
Backstory: (Optional)
Family: (Please let the family members make their template too! Unless you are them.)
Mate/Crush: (Optional)

If you want to apply for a named cat (Crabstar,Blossomheart,etc.) then please use this template!

Name of Cat Desired:
Reason Why:
Activeness: (From 1-10! Be honest or else.)

Want an example of a regular cat template? (This cat is available.)

Name of Cat: Shadowtail
Gender: Tom
Clan:  MoonClan
Rank:  Warrior
Description: Sleek black cat with glossy fur,yellow eyes,white muzzle and paws,tail has a gray tip.
Personality: He is a quiet cat that seems cold. He acts like everyone else is simply a pest.
Backstory: Raised by a kind mother but taken away by a storm. He was found by MoonClan and raised by them. Some say the flood hardened his heart with ice.
Family: Silverwind (Mother/???/Unknown) Deathfur (Adopted Sister/MoonClan/Alive) Darkscar (Brother/???/Deceased)
Mate/Crush: None for now.

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