Warrior Cats Info [MANDATORY READ]

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Warrior Cats Info [MANDATORY READ]

Post by XoraMoon on Thu Nov 05, 2015 2:29 pm

Welcome to our Warrior Cat RP!
We are so excited to have you here to RP with us! All the information you need about our version of Warrior Cats is here! From the Clans to you cats we have (almost) every answer here!

The Clans
This noble clan lives among the Sand Plains (AKA the beach) and their dens are caves that were formed from the ocean long ago. They have a Tall Peak which is a tall stone that is slanted and accessible with a few jumps. They have a tense relationship with ThornClan after their scent had been caught on several dead fish. They are mainly fun-loving and calm. Most of them are either white or a very light brown. They mainly prey on fish and sometimes crabs. Their "danger spots=" are the Crab Dunes which is the home of many fierce crabs. Their leader is Crabstar(N/A)a white cat with a scar through his eye from a crab. He also has 3 light black paws. The deputy is Shellfoot(N/A)which is a light brown cat with one white paw which a shell-like shape. She helps Crabstar in decisions. The current medicine cat is Silentstorm(N/A)a black cat with a white eye spot and a vast knowledge of herbs and remedies. He has no apprentice currently.

These deadly cats live in a quiet part of the forest with a thorn barrier. Their dens are either in fallen logs or under trees. They have a Sky Pillar which is a tall, twisted tree that they announce news from. They have a fierce relationship with TideClan for accusing them and with MoonClan because they refused to give back a piece of land given to them long ago. They are a strict and hostile clan with cats that are usually medium or dark brown. Black is uncommon but not rare.Their "danger spot" is the Thorn Leap which is a deep pit covered by thorns. It takes a skilled cat to jump over it or a smart one to go around it. Their leader is Crowstar(N/A)a black cat with white stripes. He has a regal aura around him and his mate is Birchwing(N/A) who is going to have kits. His deputy is Sparrowclaw(N/A)who is a dark brown cat with white paws and lighter brown spots. He is cold but secretly has a crush on Blossomheart(N/A). The medicine cat is Whitebeak(N/A)who is a white cat with black spots. He has a scar above his muzzle due to a battle where his brother Blacktalon was fatally wounded in.

These peaceful cats live in the Silent Moor and live in tunnels underground. They hunt rabbits and birds and have a High Root which is a strong tree root that can support 2 cats. The tree's location is unknown. They have a good relationship with all the clans and are kind and care-free. Their "danger spot" is a cliff known as Eagle's Wrath after a tale about a cat and eagle sprung up. The tale states that the cat,Luna,was battling the eagle and she struck him so hard that a piece of the world fell off under the eagle's talon. Their leader is Fernstar(N/A)a gentle medium brown she-cat with emerald eyes. Her deputy is Nightshine(N/A)a tough black cat with a white eye spot and white paws who likes to talk things out rather than use his claws. Their medicine cat Echobloom(N/A)is a light brown cat with white spots and calm blue eyes is a kind cat who recently chose her apprentice Duskpaw(N/A)a grayish cat with one white paw and a love for herbs.

This mysterious clan is shrouded by secrets. They live in a dark pine forest with soft nests of wool and moss. Their ways are unknown but they do have a Glowing Stone which is a stone that apparently has a soft glow to it. They are quiet and not much is known about their lives. Their leader is Darkstar(N/A)a sleek black cat with cold eyes and his mate Coldwind(N/A)which is a light black cat with beautiful brown eyes. His deputy is Ravenfeather(N/A)who is a gray cat with white paws and gentle emerald eyes. She is quiet but not cold. The medicine cat is a dark brown cat named Wispheart(N/A)who rarely attends meetings.

More Stuff
As you have noticed some spots are open so go claim them! All clans must have at least 5 players in them for a prophecy to start. Here are the players required in each clan for a new prophecy.
5-First Prophecy
10-Next Prophecy
20-Third Prophecy
35-Final Prophecy (Maybe)

I need a map still so if you can send me one that would be great! (Make a thread instead.)

Prophecy cats will be randomly chosen from the people who entered. Only 2-4 cats from each clan. Probably gonna use 2 from each clan.

More info added later.

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